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New Brunswick

10 Best Birdwatching Spots in New Brunswick



New Brunswick, being the Picture Province that it is, is filled and surrounded by nature that remains mostly untouched by humans. It’s better to leave Mother Nature at what she does best, no? And that means now, you have acres and acres of pristine land filled with trees and water where the birds love to travel through, nest, and even relax. 

For the birdwatchers out there, New Brunswick is the perfect place to get your binoculars ready! Its chirpy forests and serene wetlands are where the birds frequent. New Brunswick is the avian real estate, and you’ll have a ball completing your bird-watching list for this year or this season. Whether you are a seasoned bird watcher or just a beginner curious about our feathered friends, here are the top 10 bird-watching spots to settle your camping chair in Canada’s Picture Province! 

Beresford Municipal Beach Park 

Beresford Beach Park / #CanadaDo / Best birdwatching spots in New Brunswick


Location: 218 Parc Est Street, Beresford, New Brunswick 

Beresford Municipal Beach Park is famous for its unsupervised beach, which has numerous picnic tables and benches, washroom facilities, a canteen, toys for children, an outdoor stage, and a park. However, because of its pristine state of nature, the Beresford Municipal Beach Park has been a well-loved spot by the bird watchers. 

Over 54 species of birds have been observed in the park, either passing through, settling, and nesting or enjoying the current season before migration begins. The incredibly rare Maritime Ringlet Butterfly also frequents the area because of the many salt marshes in Beresford Municipal Beach Park. 

Daly Point Nature Reserve 

Daly Point Nature Reserve / #CanadaDo / Best birdwatching spots in New Brunswick


Location: 2105 Carron Dr., Bathurst, New Brunswick 

The Daly Point Nature Reserve boasts over 100 acres of pristine salt marsh, an extensive network of trails, and wooded plots. It is famous for the thousands of Canada Geese arriving from their migratory voyage during the fall season. 

Additionally, because Daly Point Nature Reserve has a salt marsh, you can witness the rare Maritime Ringlet Butterfly that can only be found in ten salt marshes worldwide. 

Ecological Park of the Acadian Peninsula 

Ecological Park of the Acadian Peninsula / #CanadaDo / Best birdwatching spots in New Brunswick


Location: 65 Du Ruisseau St., Lameque, New Brunswick 

The Ecological Park of the Acadian Peninsula is one of the most pristine ecosystems you will ever visit in New Brunswick, as it remains untouched by the people. Yep, it is thriving on its own! Wildlife is protected here, which is why several bird species come over to stay during different seasons. 

A footbridge, an observation tower, and a boardwalk stretching across an estuary into the forest await you at the Ecological Park of the Acadian Peninsula. 

Irishtown Nature Park 

Irishtown Nature Park / #CanadaDo / Best birdwatching spots in New Brunswick


Location: 1155 Elmwood Dr., Moncton, New Brunswick 

Irishtown Nature Park has numerous maintained trails that are great for everyone. Whether you are jogging, running, biking, or wanting to explore in your wheelchair, the best multi-use trails can be found here, complete with a water supply. 

Irishtown Nature Park’s kilometers of trails offer the best bird-watching areas if you are in Moncton. A well-maintained feeding station attracts chickadees, nuthatches, yellow finches, purple finches, hairy and downy woodpeckers, and doves that will stop and smile at your camera or binoculars. 

Irving Eco-Centre, La Dune de Bouctouche 

Irving Eco-Centre, La Dune de Bouctouche / #CanadaDo / Best birdwatching spots in New Brunswick


Location: 1931 Route 475 Saint Edouard de Kent, New Brunswick 

The Irving Eco-Centre is a coastal habitat and a well-maintained saltwater beach in one. The lengthy pathway atop the grassy lands and sand contains several presentations and more information about the coastal habitat. Additionally, many bird species frequent the area, depending on the season. Your binoculars or camera will be able to spot them from afar. And who knows, one feathered friend might just land right before you? 

Johnson’s Mills Shorebird Reserve and Interpretive Centre 

Johnson's Mills Shorebird Reserve and Interpretive Centre / #CanadaDo / Best birdwatching spots in New Brunswick


Location: 2758 Route 935, Johnson’s Mills, New Brunswick 

The Nature Conservancy of Canada manages Johnson’s Mills Shorebird Reserve and Interpretive Centre. It is a piece of land filled with mudflats vital for the fall migration of the semipalmated sandpipers. You can spot them two hours before and two hours after high tide. 

Kouchibouguac National Park 

Kouchibouguac National Park / #CanadaDo / Best birdwatching spots in New Brunswick


Location: 186 Route 117, Kouchibouguac, New Brunswick 

The Kouchibouguac National Park is your one-stop destination. Every season, the place has something to offer — from a relaxing getaway to an adventure-filled place — the Kouchibouguac National Park is every local and tourist go-to! 

The Kouchibouguac National Park is filled with several trails that are great for walking, biking, and hiking, as well as an ocean that stretches along the Acadian Coastal Drive. Both places are great for spotting birds any time of year or day. 

Ministers Island 

Ministers Island / #CanadaDo / Best birdwatching spots in New Brunswick


Location: 199 Carriage Rd., Ministers Island, New Brunswick 

Ministers Island contains over 500 acres of breathtaking beauty. There are tons of activities to do on this cute little island. You will be able to walk or drive across the ocean floor during low tide, explore the estate of Sir William Van Horned, hike the island’s pristine nature trails, swim in the beaches, and if you’re around during Sunday, you might be able to enjoy a concert or two. 

Additionally, because Ministers Island is as pristine as it can get, you can spot different species of birds across the island, in the middle of the forests, or by the ocean. It’s quite an adventure, isn’t it? 

Neguac Bird Sanctuary (Île-Aux-Foins Park) 

Neguac Bird Sanctuary / #CanadaDo / Best birdwatching spots in New Brunswick


Location: Joseph Street, Neguac, New Brunswick 

If you’re looking forward to bird watching and would love for your family to tag along, the Neguac Bird Sanctuary in Ile-Aux-Foins Park is the perfect place for you! The kids can enjoy numerous playgrounds, boardwalks, and floating decks connecting one island to another while you marvel at the beauty of the place’s flora and fauna while waiting for the birds to come by in this amazing bird sanctuary. 

Sackville Waterfowl Park 

Waterfowl Parks Gallery / #CanadaDo / Best birdwatching spots in New Brunswick


Location: 34 Mallard Dr., Sackville, New Brunswick 

Fuzzy ducklings and marsh birds await you at the Sackville Waterfowl Park. The place won Environment Canada’s National Award for Environmental Achievement Discover. Admission is free, and it is also open all year round. Guided tours are available if you’d like to join one, but it is only available during mid-May to late August. 

Boardwalks, trails, and viewing platforms all help you to finally get a view of the birds you’ve been waiting to see. Over 150 species of birds frequent the area, so make sure you have your pen ready because you will be completing your checklist this time! 

Which bird-watching spot is best for the species you’ve been waiting and wanting to see? New Brunswick has a handful of bird-watching areas, but I’ve got all the best ones on this list. Make sure to plan your trip for the best bird-watching experience ever! 

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Discover Dieppe: 10 Must-See Attractions and Activities




Located in the heart of New Brunswick, Dieppe is a vibrant and welcoming city known for its rich Acadian culture, beautiful parks, and lively community events. Whether exploring its scenic trails, enjoying the local cuisine, or delving into its cultural heritage, Dieppe offers a diverse array of attractions catering to all interests. As you navigate this charming city, you’ll find a perfect blend of urban excitement and natural beauty, making Dieppe a must-visit destination in Atlantic Canada.

This guide will introduce you to ten must-see attractions and activities that showcase the best of Dieppe. From immersive cultural experiences to outdoor adventures and family-friendly fun, these highlights will help you make the most of your visit. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a returning traveler, these top picks will ensure your time in Dieppe is filled with memorable experiences and unique discoveries.

Rotary St-Anselme Park

Rotary St-Anselme Park / #CanadaDo / Best Things To Do in Dieppe


Location: 505 Melanson Road, Dieppe, New Brunswick, E1A 7Z3

Rotary St-Anselme Park is a beautiful and expansive green space that offers a variety of recreational activities for visitors of all ages. This park is a must-see because of its well-maintained trails, picturesque picnic areas, and wide range of facilities, including playgrounds, sports fields, and an outdoor skating rink in the winter. The serene environment is perfect for a stroll, a family picnic, or an energetic game of soccer. Visitors can also enjoy the scenic views of the Petitcodiac River from the park, making it a great spot for photography and relaxation. Look forward to seasonal events such as outdoor concerts and community gatherings that make the park a vibrant part of Dieppe’s community life.

Dieppe Market

Marche de Dieppe Market / #CanadaDo / Best Things To Do in Dieppe


Location: 232 Gauvin Road, Dieppe, New Brunswick, E1A 1M1

The Dieppe Market is a bustling hub of local culture and commerce, offering a vibrant atmosphere where you can experience the best of New Brunswick’s artisanal products and fresh produce. This market is a must-visit for its wide array of vendors selling everything from homemade crafts and baked goods to fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s a perfect place to sample local delicacies, meet friendly vendors, and immerse yourself in the community spirit. Be sure to try the local cheeses and maple products, and look forward to live music performances that often add to the lively ambiance. The market is a delightful way to spend a Saturday morning, connecting with local culture and discovering unique finds.

Fox Creek Golf Club

Fox Creek Golf Club / #CanadaDo / Best Things To Do in Dieppe


Location: 200 Golf Street, Dieppe, New Brunswick, E1A 8J6

Fox Creek Golf Club is an essential stop in Dieppe for golf enthusiasts. This championship 18-hole golf course is known for its challenging layout, beautifully manicured greens, and stunning natural surroundings. The club offers a unique golfing experience with its strategically placed water hazards and bunkers, making it a favorite among amateur and professional golfers. After a round of golf, visitors can relax at the club’s restaurant, which offers delicious meals and a scenic view of the course. Look forward to special events and tournaments hosted throughout the year, providing a vibrant golfing community experience.

Dieppe Aquatic Centre

Dieppe Aquatic and Sports Center / #CanadaDo / Best Things To Do in Dieppe


Location: 111 Aquatique Street, Dieppe, New Brunswick, E1A 5S4

The Dieppe Aquatic Centre is a premier destination for families and fitness enthusiasts. This modern facility features a variety of pools, including a lap pool, a leisure pool with water slides, and a therapeutic pool with a hot tub. It’s a must-see for its comprehensive range of aquatic activities, such as swimming lessons, water aerobics, and recreational swimming. The centre is perfect for a fun-filled day with the kids or a refreshing workout. Visitors can also enjoy the convenience of a well-equipped fitness center and look forward to special family swim nights that bring the community together.

CF Champlain

CF Champlain / #CanadaDo / Best Things To Do in Dieppe


Location: 477 Paul Street, Dieppe, New Brunswick, E1A 4X5

CF Champlain is the largest shopping center in the Moncton area, making it a top destination for shopping enthusiasts. With over 150 stores, including popular retailers, boutiques, and dining options, this mall offers a diverse shopping experience. It’s a must-visit for its convenient location, wide range of stores, and vibrant atmosphere. Shoppers can find everything from fashion and electronics to home goods and specialty items. Look forward to seasonal events, sales, and promotions that make shopping at CF Champlain an exciting experience. The mall also features a spacious food court and family-friendly amenities.

Irishtown Nature Park

Irishtown Nature Park / #CanadaDo / Best Things To Do in Dieppe


Location: 1155 Elmwood Drive, Moncton, New Brunswick, E1H 2H7

Just a short drive from Dieppe, Irishtown Nature Park is a natural oasis that offers outdoor enthusiasts a chance to explore over 2,200 acres of pristine wilderness. This park is a must-see for its extensive hiking and biking trails, serene lakes, and diverse wildlife. Visitors can enjoy birdwatching, picnicking, and kayaking in a tranquil setting. The park’s well-marked trails make it easy to navigate, and the scenic vistas provide excellent opportunities for photography. As you explore this beautiful natural area, look forward to spotting local wildlife, including deer and various bird species. It’s an ideal location for those looking to connect with nature.

Musee Acadien

Musée acadien / #CanadaDo / Best Things To Do in Dieppe


Location: 405 Avenue de l’Université, Moncton, New Brunswick, E1A 3E9

Located on the Université de Moncton campus, the Musee Acadien offers a fascinating glimpse into the rich history and culture of the Acadian people. This museum is a must-visit for its extensive collection of artifacts, exhibits, and multimedia presentations that showcase the Acadian heritage. Visitors can explore displays of traditional Acadian life, the deportation, and the community’s resurgence. The museum also hosts special events and educational programs throughout the year. Look forward to learning about the vibrant Acadian culture and its significant impact on the region, making it a vital cultural stop in your Dieppe itinerary.

Dover Park

Dieppe's Dover Park / #CanadaDo / Best Things To Do in Dieppe


Location: 248 Dover Road, Dieppe, New Brunswick, E1A 7L7

Dover Park is a hidden gem in Dieppe, offering a peaceful retreat for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. This park is a must-see for its scenic walking trails, beautiful gardens, and ample open spaces perfect for picnicking and relaxation. The park features a picturesque pond, making it a great spot for birdwatching and enjoying the tranquility of nature. Visitors can also take advantage of the playgrounds and sports fields available. Look forward to seasonal events and activities that unite the community in this serene setting. It’s a wonderful place to unwind and enjoy the natural beauty of Dieppe.

Arthur-J-LeBlanc Centre

Dieppe: le Centre Arthur-J.-LeBlanc / #CanadaDo / Best Things To Do in Dieppe


Location: 432 Melanson Road, Dieppe, New Brunswick, E1A 1A6

The Arthur-J-LeBlanc Centre is Dieppe’s premier sports and recreational facility, offering various activities for visitors of all ages. This centre is a must-visit for its state-of-the-art ice rinks, fitness rooms, and multipurpose halls. It’s a popular venue for ice skating, hockey games, and community events. The facility also hosts various programs and classes, from fitness training to recreational sports leagues. Look forward to public skating sessions and local sporting events that make this centre a vibrant part of the Dieppe community. It’s an ideal spot for staying active and enjoying sporting events.

Doiron House

Doiron House / #CanadaDo / Best Things To Do in Dieppe


Location: 1150 Amirault Street, Dieppe, New Brunswick, E1A 1E1

Doiron House is a historic site that offers a unique glimpse into Dieppe’s past. This heritage home is a must-see for its well-preserved architecture and insightful exhibits on the early Acadian settlers. Visitors can take guided tours to learn about the Doiron family and their contributions to the local community. The house is surrounded by beautiful gardens, providing a serene setting for reflection and photography. Look forward to special events and seasonal programs highlighting this charming historic site’s cultural and historical significance. It’s a captivating place to connect with Dieppe’s rich history and heritage.


Exploring Dieppe, New Brunswick, promises various experiences, from its vibrant markets and serene parks to its historical landmarks and lively community centers. Each of these must-see attractions and activities offers a unique glimpse into the heart and soul of this charming city. Whether seeking adventure, relaxation, or a deep dive into Acadian culture, Dieppe has something special for everyone. As you uncover the local attractions and engaging activities, you’ll find that Dieppe isn’t just a destination—it’s a place that captures the spirit of discovery and the warmth of its community, leaving you with unforgettable memories and a longing to return.


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10 Reasons to Visit Dalhousie: The Best Things to Do




Located along the stunning shores of the Bay of Chaleur, Dalhousie, New Brunswick, offers a tranquil escape for travelers seeking a mix of natural beauty and small-town vibes. Known for its breathtaking coastal views, rich history, and friendly community, Dalhousie is a unique destination in Atlantic Canada that promises memorable experiences. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, history lover, or simply looking to unwind by the sea, this town has something for everyone.

In this guide, we’ll explore the top 10 reasons why Dalhousie should be on your travel list. From scenic hiking trails and pristine beaches to vibrant local culture and delicious seafood, Dalhousie offers a variety of activities that cater to all interests. Join us as we uncover the best things to do in this coastal town and discover why Dalhousie is a destination worth visiting.

Inch Arran Point Range Lighthouses

Inch Arran Point Range Front Light / #CanadaDo / Best Things To Do in Dalhousie


Location: Inch Arran Park, Dalhousie, NB

The Inch Arran Point Range Lighthouses are iconic symbols of Dalhousie’s maritime heritage, offering stunning views of the Bay of Chaleur, making them perfect for photography enthusiasts. Visiting these lighthouses gives you a sense of the town’s historical significance and provides a beautiful backdrop for memorable photos. While there, you can explore the surrounding park, take a leisurely walk along the shore, and enjoy a picnic. It’s an ideal spot for both families and solo travelers. Best of all, it’s free to visit. Additionally, Inch Arran Park features a playground for children, picnic areas, and the opportunity to spot local wildlife.

Sugarloaf Provincial Park

Sugarloaf Provincial Park / #CanadaDo / Best Things To Do in Dalhousie


Location: 596 Val-d’Amour Road, Atholville, NB (near Dalhousie)

Sugarloaf Provincial Park is a year-round destination offering a wide range of outdoor activities, from hiking and mountain biking in the summer to skiing and snowboarding in the winter. The park’s diverse activities ensure there’s something for everyone, regardless of the season, making it a must-add to your itinerary. Enjoy hiking, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, and birdwatching in this scenic park. It’s best for families, adventure seekers, and nature enthusiasts. General access to the park is free, though fees apply for ski and bike rentals. The park also boasts a visitor center, equipment rentals, and well-marked trails for various skill levels.

Dalhousie Centennial Library

Dalhousie Centenniall Library / #CanadaDo / Best Things To Do in Dalhousie


Location: 404 Adelaide Street, Dalhousie, NB

The Dalhousie Centennial Library is more than just a place to borrow books; it’s a community hub that offers a quiet retreat for book lovers and a variety of programs for all ages. Visiting the library allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture and take advantage of the free Wi-Fi, reading areas, and events like story time for kids and author talks. This spot is perfect for families and solo travelers looking for a relaxing and enriching experience. Access to the library and its resources is free, making it an excellent addition to your itinerary. Discover local literature and perhaps even joining a community event during your visit.

Restigouche River Experience Centre

Restigouche River Experience Centre / #CanadaDo / Best Things To Do in Dalhousie


Location: 50 Salmon Boulevard, Campbellton, NB (near Dalhousie)

The Restigouche River Experience Centre offers a fascinating insight into the history and ecology of the Restigouche River, which is renowned for its Atlantic salmon. This interactive museum is a must-visit for anyone interested in the natural environment and local history. Here, you can engage with exhibits, watch educational films, and even take part in guided tours. It’s an educational experience best enjoyed by families and solo travelers alike. The entry fee is nominal, ensuring great value for a rich educational experience. Beautiful river views and a gift shop featuring local crafts are what awaits you at the Restigouche River Experience Centre.

Rotary Park

Restigouche Regional Museum / #CanadaDo / Best Things To Do in Dalhousie


Location: George Street, Dalhousie, NB

Rotary Park is a beautifully maintained green space that offers a relaxing environment for picnics, leisurely walks, and family outings. The park’s scenic views of the Bay of Chaleur and its well-equipped playground make it a favorite among locals and tourists. Adding Rotary Park to your itinerary ensures you have a spot to unwind and enjoy nature. Activities here include walking, birdwatching, and playground fun for children. It’s an ideal spot for families but also perfect for solo travelers seeking peace and quiet. Entry to the park is free. Enjoy seasonal events and the well-kept gardens throughout the park.

Bon Ami Point

Bon Ami / #CanadaDo / Best Things To Do in Dalhousie


Location: Riverside Drive, Dalhousie, NB

Bon Ami Point offers some of the most spectacular views of the Bay of Chaleur and the Dalhousie coastline. It’s a popular spot for both tourists and locals to enjoy the sunrise or sunset, making it a must-see on any Dalhousie visit. The lookout area provides benches and informational plaques about the area’s history and geography. This location is perfect for photography, meditation, or simply soaking in the natural beauty, appealing to solo travelers and couples. Access to Bon Ami Point is free. Visitors can also look forward to peaceful walks along the shore and possibly spotting local wildlife.

Dalhousie Centennial Library Art Gallery

Dalhousie Art Gallery / #CanadaDo / Best Things To Do in Dalhousie


Location: 300 Main Street, Dalhousie, NB

The Dalhousie Centennial Library Art Gallery showcases the work of local and regional artists, offering a cultural experience that highlights the creative talent of the area. Visiting this gallery is essential for art enthusiasts and those looking to gain a deeper appreciation of the local culture. The exhibits rotate regularly, providing fresh and engaging content each visit. This gallery is perfect for solo travelers and art-loving families. Admission is free, making it an affordable cultural experience. Look forward to viewing diverse art styles and perhaps meeting some of the artists during special events or openings.

Miguasha National Park

Miguasha National Park / #CanadaDo / Best Things To Do in Dalhousie


Location: Route 132, Nouvelle, QC (a short drive from Dalhousie)

Miguasha National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its exceptional fossil deposits, offering a unique blend of natural history and outdoor adventure. It’s a must-visit for anyone interested in paleontology or enjoying scenic hiking trails along the cliffs. Activities include exploring the fossil exhibits, hiking, and guided tours. This destination is best for families with older children and solo travelers with an interest in history and nature. The entry fee is reasonable, providing access to both the museum and the trails. Additionally, visitors can enjoy the picturesque views of the Restigouche River and surrounding landscape.

Salmon Plaza

Salmon Plaza Monument / #CanadaDo / Best Things To Do in Dalhousie


Location: 316 Victoria Street, Dalhousie, NB

Salmon Plaza is a central spot in Dalhousie that celebrates the town’s fishing heritage, featuring a large salmon sculpture and informative plaques. It’s a great place to learn about the local fishing industry and take some unique photos. Visiting the plaza offers insight into Dalhousie’s cultural and economic background, making it an interesting stop for any itinerary. Activities include reading the historical information, relaxing on nearby benches, and enjoying the public art. It’s suitable for families and solo travelers alike. There is no cost to visit the plaza. Look forward to exploring the nearby shops and cafes in downtown Dalhousie.

Eel River Bar First Nation Heritage Park

Eel River Bar First Nation Heritage Park / #CanadaDo / Best Things To Do in Dalhousie


Location: Eel River Bar, NB (near Dalhousie)

The Eel River Bar First Nation Heritage Park provides an opportunity to learn about the Mi’kmaq culture and history through its exhibits and beautiful natural setting. It’s an important cultural site that offers educational experiences through storytelling, artifacts, and traditional activities. This park is a must-visit for those interested in indigenous cultures and history. Activities include guided tours, nature walks, and cultural demonstrations. It’s an enriching experience for families and solo travelers. The park generally has free entry, though some special activities may have a fee. Meeting community members and participating in cultural events are what happens most at the Eel River Bar First Nation Heritage Park.


Dalhousie, New Brunswick, offers a delightful mix of natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant local culture. Whether you’re exploring scenic lighthouses, hiking through provincial parks, or immersing yourself in the local art scene, there’s something here for every traveler. We hope this guide helps you make the most of your visit to Dalhousie and discover why it’s a destination worth experiencing. So pack your bags, plan your itinerary, and get ready to explore the best that Dalhousie has to offer. Safe travels!

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The Ultimate Caraquet Bucket List: 10 Must-Do Activities




Situated on the scenic Acadian Peninsula, Caraquet, New Brunswick, is a town rich in culture, history, and natural beauty. This coastal community offers a unique mix of historical landmarks and contemporary attractions, making it an ideal destination for travelers seeking relaxation and exploration. Whether you’re interested in local history, nature, or simply enjoying the local atmosphere, Caraquet has plenty to offer.

In this blog, we’ve put together the ultimate Caraquet bucket list, highlighting 10 must-do activities that capture the essence of this charming town. From discovering the region’s Acadian heritage to savoring fresh seafood, each experience is designed to provide unforgettable memories. Pack your bags, head to Caraquet, and prepare to dive into the best of what New Brunswick has to offer.

Village Historique Acadien

Caraquet - Village Historique Acadien / #CanadaDo / Best Things To Do in Caraquet


Location: 14311 Route 11, Caraquet, NB E1W 1B7

The Village Historique Acadien offers an immersive experience that transports visitors back to the days of early Acadian settlers. Spanning over 40 buildings, this living museum authentically recreates life from the 18th to the 20th centuries. Costumed interpreters bring the past to life, demonstrating traditional crafts such as blacksmithing, weaving, and farming. Each building tells a unique story, from the simple homes of early settlers to the more elaborate residences and businesses of later generations. The village also hosts seasonal events, including reenactments and traditional Acadian festivals, providing an even deeper dive into the culture and history of the region. Dining at the on-site restaurant, where you can sample authentic Acadian dishes, adds a delicious culinary element to your visit. The Village Historique Acadien is not just a museum; it’s a vibrant, interactive journey through time that offers something for every age and interest.

Caraquet Waterfront

Caraquet Waterfront / #CanadaDo / Best Things To Do in Caraquet


Location: Rue du Havre, Caraquet, NB E1W 1A2

The Caraquet Waterfront is the town’s heartbeat, offering breathtaking views of the Bay of Chaleur and various visitor activities. A stroll along the boardwalk provides a perfect vantage point to observe the daily rhythms of a working fishing village, from the comings and goings of boats to the vibrant fish market. The area has charming boutiques and artisanal shops where you can find unique crafts and souvenirs. Seafood lovers will delight in the waterfront’s restaurants, renowned for their fresh, locally caught fare, including lobster, crab, and other seafood delicacies. The waterfront also serves as a venue for many local events and festivals, such as music concerts, art exhibitions, and the bustling summer market. With its scenic beauty, culinary delights, and cultural happenings, the Caraquet Waterfront is a lively hub that captures the town’s essence.

Musée Acadien

Musée Acadien de Caraquet / #CanadaDo / Best Things To Do in Caraquet


Location: 15 Boulevard St-Pierre Ouest, Caraquet, NB E1W 1B6

The Musée Acadien in Caraquet is a treasure trove of Acadian history and culture, meticulously preserving the heritage of the Acadian people through an extensive collection of artifacts, photographs, and documents. The museum’s exhibits span from the early days of the Acadian settlement to contemporary times, offering visitors a comprehensive overview of the Acadian experience. Special exhibits often delve into specific aspects of Acadian life, such as traditional music, clothing, and festivals. The museum also hosts educational programs, workshops, and lectures, making it an invaluable resource for locals and visitors interested in the Acadian legacy. The well-curated displays and engaging storytelling provide deep insights into the resilience and creativity of the Acadian community. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or simply curious about the local culture, the Musée Acadien offers an enriching and enlightening experience.

Sainte-Anne-du-Bocage Shrine

Sainte-Anne-du-Bocage Sanctuary / #CanadaDo / Best Things To Do in Caraquet


Location: 1450 Boulevard des Fondateurs, Caraquet, NB E1W 1C4

The Sainte-Anne-du-Bocage Shrine is a place of spiritual significance and tranquility, set amidst lush gardens and serene walking paths. Established in the 18th century, this historic shrine attracts pilgrims and visitors seeking reflection and peace. The shrine is dedicated to Saint Anne, the patron saint of the Acadians, and features a beautiful chapel adorned with intricate stained glass windows and religious artifacts. Visitors can participate in religious services, light candles in prayer, or simply walk through the tranquil grounds. The annual Sainte-Anne pilgrimage, held every July, is a major event that draws large crowds for a week of religious and cultural activities, including processions, masses, and community gatherings. The Sainte-Anne-du-Bocage Shrine’s peaceful environment and spiritual ambiance make it a unique and calming destination, offering a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Parc de la Pointe

Parc de la Pointe / #CanadaDo / Best Things To Do in Caraquet


Location: Rue du Voilier, Caraquet, NB E1W 1A6

Parc de la Pointe is a picturesque park at the tip of the Caraquet Peninsula, offering expansive views of the Bay of Chaleur. The park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, featuring well-maintained trails perfect for hiking, biking, and birdwatching. The coastal paths provide stunning vistas of the bay and the surrounding landscape, making it an ideal spot for photography and nature observation. Picnicking is a popular activity here, with numerous spots offering scenic backdrops. The park also features playgrounds and open spaces for families to enjoy. Throughout the summer, Parc de la Pointe becomes a lively venue for community events, including outdoor concerts, festivals, and cultural celebrations. Its natural beauty and recreational facilities make it a favorite destination for locals and tourists looking to enjoy the outdoors.

Festival Acadien de Caraquet

Festival acadien de Caraquet / #CanadaDo / Best Things To Do in Caraquet


Location: Various venues throughout Caraquet

The Festival Acadien de Caraquet is one of the most celebrated cultural events in the region, highlighting the rich heritage and vibrant spirit of the Acadian community. Held every August, this festival transforms the town into a hub of festivities, featuring a diverse lineup of activities, including music concerts, parades, traditional dances, and art exhibitions. The festival showcases Acadian artists, musicians, and performers, offering a unique opportunity to experience the region’s cultural talents firsthand. Food stalls and pop-up restaurants serve traditional Acadian dishes, providing a culinary journey alongside cultural immersion. One of the festival’s highlights is the Tintamarre, a noisy and colorful parade where participants make as much noise as possible to celebrate their heritage. This event symbolizes the resilience and joy of the Acadian people. The Festival Acadien de Caraquet is a must-attend for anyone visiting the area in August, promising a memorable experience full of energy and cultural pride.

Marina de Caraquet

Marina de Caraquet / #CanadaDo / Best Things To Do in Caraquet


Location: 59 Boulevard Saint-Pierre Est, Caraquet, NB E1W 1A3

The Marina de Caraquet is a bustling hub for boating enthusiasts and those looking to enjoy the beautiful waters of the Bay of Chaleur. The marina offers a full range of services, including docking facilities, fuel, and repair services, making it a convenient stop for local and visiting boaters. For those without their vessels, the marina provides rentals for kayaks, paddleboards, and small boats, allowing visitors to explore the bay at their leisure. Guided boat tours are also available, offering insightful commentary on the local marine life and coastal scenery. The marina’s waterfront restaurants are perfect for dining with a view, serving fresh seafood and local delicacies. Whether you’re looking to set sail, enjoy water sports, or simply relax by the water, the Marina de Caraquet provides a perfect starting point for maritime adventures and a taste of coastal life.

Île-aux-Foins Park

Tourisme Péninsule acadienne / #CanadaDo / Best Things To Do in Caraquet


Location: Rue de l’Île, Caraquet, NB E1W 1A4

Île-aux-Foins Park is a unique natural retreat on an island just off the coast of Caraquet. Accessible by a short causeway, the park offers a serene environment for various outdoor activities. Its well-marked trails wind through diverse habitats, including wetlands, forests, and coastal areas, making it an excellent spot for hiking and birdwatching. The park is home to a wide range of wildlife, providing nature enthusiasts ample opportunities to observe and photograph local flora and fauna. Picnic areas with tables and grills make it a perfect destination for a family outing. In addition to its natural attractions, Île-aux-Foins Park often hosts educational programs and guided tours highlighting the island’s ecological significance and history. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful hike, a family picnic, or a chance to learn about the local ecosystem, Île-aux-Foins Park offers a refreshing escape into nature.

La Maison de la Littérature

Maison de la littérature / #CanadaDo / Best Things To Do in Caraquet


Location: 220 Boulevard Saint-Pierre Ouest, Caraquet, NB E1W 1B6

La Maison de la Littérature is a cultural haven dedicated to celebrating and promoting Acadian literature and the arts. This vibrant center hosts various events, including book readings, author meet-and-greets, workshops, and art exhibitions, providing a platform for established and emerging Acadian writers and artists. The center’s library and archives house an extensive collection of Acadian literary works, historical documents, and rare manuscripts, making it a valuable resource for researchers and literature enthusiasts. Visitors can browse the collections, participate in literary discussions, or simply enjoy the cozy reading nooks. Regular events, such as poetry slams, literary festivals, and writing workshops, foster a lively and creative community atmosphere. La Maison de la Littérature is a must-visit for anyone interested in the literary and cultural contributions of the Acadian people, offering a rich and engaging experience for all.

Carrefour de la Mer

Carrefour de la Mer / #CanadaDo / Best Things To Do in Caraquet


Location: 29 Rue du Quai, Caraquet, NB E1W 1A1

Carrefour de la Mer is a dynamic marketplace and cultural venue on the Caraquet waterfront. It serves as a central gathering place where locals and visitors can experience the best of the region’s culinary and artistic offerings. The marketplace features a variety of vendors selling fresh produce, seafood, and artisanal products, allowing visitors to sample and purchase local delicacies. In addition to shopping, Carrefour de la Mer hosts numerous cultural events throughout the year, including music concerts, art exhibits, and food festivals. These events showcase the talents of local artists and performers, providing entertainment and cultural enrichment for attendees. The venue’s vibrant atmosphere is complemented by its stunning bay views, making it a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the local scene. Whether you’re looking to shop, dine, or enjoy live performances, Carrefour de la Mer offers a lively and engaging experience that captures the essence of Caraquet’s community spirit.


As you explore the stunning waterfront, savor local seafood, and delve into Acadian heritage at the Musée Acadien, you’ll discover why Caraquet is a destination that beckons to be explored. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, nature lover, or cultural aficionado, Caraquet’s diverse attractions promise an unforgettable adventure. So pack your bags, set your sights on this charming coastal town, and start ticking off your ultimate Caraquet bucket list.


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